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How we do it?

  • The ULTIMATE user acquisition strategy.
  • We record your game and CREATE GAMEPLAY VIDEOS.
  • We showcase your games in ways PROVEN to get you new users.

Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users. contact us

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We Make Videos For All Games. In Any Category.

Videos that will acquire you new users. contact us

If you don’t try out our videos, you’ll never know how affordable your user acquisition can be!

Tin Vidovic (CEO & Founder)

aymeric45 ★ 5


Good work !

leonardhowel860 ★ 5

United States

Finally someone that goes above and beyond expectations! Very fast and clean work

Why GameVidz?

We are a content creation agency SPECIALIZED inproducing mobile gameplay videos.

We have a PASSION for creating videos and our goal is to help mobile game developers. Our products make their marketing efforts more efficient.

We made videos that helped mobile game developers ACQUIRE MORE THAN 75 MILLION USERS!

How we do it?

Our work is backed by YEARS of experience and research!

  • We carefully and thoroughly split tested every possible video format &studied the results.
  • We discovered a TRIED AND TESTED method for creating videos that will boost your user base.
  • We worked on 10+ games that ended up at the #1 spot in their category on App Store and 2 games that ended up at the #1 spot on in Apple's iTunes Top chart in 2018.
  • We closely follow trends on ALL major social media platforms.
  • We ALWAYS know what audiences like. With our videos, YOU WILL get better ROI and reach.
  • We will test different versionsof gameplay videos until we find the perfect creative.

    That's what many great mobile game publishers like Voodoo, Line Studio, and Ketchapp do as well.


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    What Will GameVidz Videos Do For You?

    • Acquire new users!
    • Lower acquisition cost per user!
    • Make marketing efforts more efficient!
    • Make advertising easier!
    • Save you money on software licenses!
    • Give you better results than other mobile game studios and publishers!

    Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users contact us

    conanhorus ★ 5

    United States

    Exactly what I hoped for - a lot of attention went into cutting the gameplay footage to showcase the game without lingering for too long.

    rikkir1 ★ 5


    I HIGHLY recommend this seller. Will be using again in a week based on this awesome experience.

    Don't Waste Time With Expensive Video Production Companies!

    The GOAL of gameplay videos should be to get people to play your game.

    You don’t need a high-end expensive ad with tons of special effects.

    If the people don’t like the first second of a “premium” video, they’ll skip it just like any other video.

    All serious developers need a LARGE NUMBER of short, different videos they can test out.

    That’s EXACTLY what we specialize in.

    We'll give you A LOT OF gameplay videos for a reasonable price.

    You Should Work With GameVidz If You:

    • Want the best possible user acquisition results!
    • Need a never-ending source of video variations!
    • Agree that high-cost premium videos area waste of both time and money!
    • Trust professionals who have YEARS OF EXPERTISE in this field!

    Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users contact us

    brucecichowlas ★ 5

    United States

    The seller is capable and easy to work with. They understand the purpose of video game promotion videos and can put together something appropriate. I'll probably get videos from them again.t

    shanesuehr ★ 5

    United States

    Gamevidz went above and beyond on my delivery! I made several request that Gamevidz had no problem meeting. the quality was excellent and the delivery was really quick! definitely recommending using Gamevidz for your needs!

    Models We Offer:

    Basic video

    Description: Videos made for "simple" games -games that have an obvious playstyle. You don’t need previous instructions to learn how to play these games.

    Content in the video: Recorded gameplay. Benefits & features of the game. Call to action.

    Length: Short, 0 - 30 seconds.

    Complex Video

    Description: So-called explainer videos.The game being showcased is a more complicated one.

    The videoneeds to include informationon how to play the game. The video is more like a product pitch than a usual gameplay video.

    Content in the video: Recorded gameplay. Script (either written by you or us). Game assets. Benefits & features of the game. Call to action.

    Length: Long, 20 - 90 seconds.

    Regardless of the model, there are 3 things WE NEED TO KNOW:

    • the video length
    • the dimensions
    • the platform on which you will show the video

    The Process:


    Choose The Video Model You Want.

    The basic or the complex one.


    Answer A Few Questions.

    We will ask for all the relevant information we need to create videos that align with your wishes.


    Product Development.

    Our dedicated video creation team starts working on your product.



    It’s done! Your videos are ready!

    Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users. contact us

    rongkim ★ 5


    Amazing Seller. Very Professional

    adeyemithompson ★ 5


    Very quick delivery time, great communication, and results!

    Product Development Timeline



    We record the gameplay ourselves, or you send us the gameplay you want to showcase.



    Only for complex videos. We write a script, or you provide us with one.



    We import the footage into our video editor and make the first version.



    These are just some of the things we use to make video variations:

    • Different lengths
    • Different dimensions
    • Different features and benefits
    • Different color keys
    • Captions
    • Split screen
    • The 2D or 3D phone effect
    • Memes
    • Logos
    • Call to actions
    • Attention grabbers
    • Assets
    • etc.



    We deliver the finished videos and you give us your thoughts.



    We implement all the revisions you might want.

    Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users contact us

    valerius2600 ★ 5


    Fast delivery

    vivicou ★ 5

    United Kingdom

    Very fast delivery, Thanks!



    Premium Video


    • Full HD (1080p)
    • Lenght 0:30 - 0:90sec
    • One resolution
    • Custom royalty music
    • 2D Animations
    • 3D Animated phone
    • Video Script
    • Voiceover
    • 3 Revisions


    18 Variable Video Ads


    • Full HD (1080p)
    • Lenght 0:15 - 0:30sec
    • Up to 5 resolutions
    • Custom royality music
    • 2D Animations
    • 3D Animated phone
    • 3 Revisions



    • Not really sure what you want? Want to toss some ideas around? We'll help you brainstorm a killer video ad.

    Get Videos Guaranteed To Acquire You New Users contact us

    skillgames ★ 5

    Czech Republic

    Use this guy - professional and you will get a great result!!

    ovidiutulbure ★ 5


    I really like the result and fast delieved!

    Frequently Asked Questions


    I want to work with you. What should I do?

    Choose the video model you want and then contact us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


    What is your business day calendar (including the time zone)?

    We work from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+1.


    How much is your service?

    Warriors package starts at $197, Wizard at $497. Price for custom package is negotiable.


    What is your delivery time?

    A reviewed copy of the “Warriors Video” will be ready within 2 and 7 business days, while the copy of the “Wizard Video” will be ready within 5 and 10 business days from the date when GameVidz received the payment.


    I’m in a hurry. Can you do it even faster than that?

    Price for quick delivery is negotiable.


    What do you need from me?

    We need the branding guide - which means the colors you'd want to use, font and ad sets.


    Do I need to send an apk file if the game is not yet uploaded?

    Yes. We need the apk file to create the videos.


    Does the apk file need to be full?

    Yes. With the full apk file, we will have access to all the games aspects, features and benefits. That way we can showcase it better.


    Do I need to record the game?

    You can deliver the recording of the game, or we can record it ourselves.


    Do I need to write my own script?

    You can deliver your own script, or we can write one for you.


    Do you offer videos in different languages?

    Yes. You can translate the text yourself, or we can translate it with the help of professional translators.


    What is your revision policy?

    In order to maintain and preserve the quality of our service, we offer up to 3 minor revisions or 1 major revisions to your video - any additional revisions will be an additional cost.


    Do I own the videos?

    Yes! After we deliver the videos to you, they are entirely your property.